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Reimagine L’Oréal's Vichy Mag blog to enable customers to find the right products for their skin type.




6 weeks

Live project


Source files

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My scope of work

UX discovery > Site map > Schematics > Content strategy > Wireframes > Full mobile-first design

My role

I joined L’Oréal as a freelance UX/UI Designer to revamp the Vichy Mag blog. I conducted stakeholder interviews, gathered insights and built empathy from unpacking all of the feedback, personas and audience research to begin making improvements on the blog UX as well as the design.

The Vichy Mag blog


Skin-conscious women


We trust the best information


Responsive website



The problem

Vichy Mag already existed with a very simple blog which just had a few basic articles. But, it was a dead end in the customer journey. Users would reach the Vichy Mag blog from the main Vichy website, but there was no way to purchase relevant products from the blog or get back to the shopping experience and vice versa.

The solution

I created the following UX Design Principles document to collate all of the CX and audience collateral while scrutinising it against competitor case studies, my UX process and a solid content strategy to find solutions to the problem and report back to the stakeholders.

Download UX Principles .pdf

Case study competitor audit from the UX Principles doc

The design

Vichy Mag landing page

Global elements kit

Quick view modal

Vichy Mag article template

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