Google Squared live classes

Create a Powerpoint presentation theme that’s suitable for any occasion. Enabling students to easily digest the course content.


The key aspect of Squared Online is learning in the digital space. One of the main ways students learn digital marketing and leadership skills is by joining weekly live classes presented by an industry expert, a tutor or a guest speaker.

Using material design guidelines, as well as Squared Online’s own and using feedback from previous students, we created a fresh and easy to edit Powerpoint layout. This would need to form the standard of which all presentations would be created, whether it be a live class, a sales pitch or even an internal slide deck.


Powerpoint theme development

A slide for everything

In order for tutors and SMEs to create slides without the aid of a designer, each deck needed master slides that would suit any occasion.


The main problem to solve was how to create a slide deck template that both internal and external stakeholders could receive and edit, without hindering the design quality. Each person adding content couldn’t be briefed on our brand guidelines in time before the class or presentation.

Keeping the layout simple and with colour coordinated designs depending on which module the class was in, each live class and presentation would now be on-brand and look considered and polished.