Synthetic biology

Use graphic design to educate and inform the general public about synthetic biology


A graphic campaign that is designed to educate and inform the general public about this revolutionary technology that is already shaping our future. With synthetic biology it is possible to eradicate life-threatening diseases and develop new ways of generating fuel and improving economy. Scepticism and positivity are all rolled into this process book, capturing the story and what’s to come of synthetic biology.


Campaign design


BA Visual Communication, AUB – For all of the incredible support and guidance
Professor Randy Lewis
Dr Craig J Venter
Dr Adam Rutherford
Professor Ed Boyden
Digital Press, Poole

The good, the bad and the ugly

A cure for cancer? Or a biological disaster. The controversy behind this technology is parallel to that of the internet, but is playing with life itself the answer to our problems?


The use of professional photography and interesting experiments with different materials turn synthetic biology into a simple and easy to understand concept. Keys for memory loss, alphabet spaghetti for agriculture, toy soldiers for biological warfare and internal organs for chronic and acute internal diseases. All things that can be caused and cured by synthetic biology.