Talent Returns

A new website enabling alumni from all kinds of institutions to kick-start their career after a break from work


What happens if you graduate from an institution and decide to take a break? Is it difficult to jump back into the career you worked so hard to get started on? The research and sciences department of The University of Edinburgh discovered that there was a problem to be solved in enabling post-graduates to get back into the work place after travelling, teaching or even trying something else.

Together we needed to create a network of graduates and a library of resources that would encourage growth and increase confidence in those looking to get back in the game, no matter which University or institution you’re from.


Web design
Wordpress integration

Returning to any industry

From creative to accounting, contracting to HR, Talent Returns is for anyone looking to return to any industry.


The brand itself is based on the values of evolution, growth and returning being one, unified thing. Just because you took a break, doesn’t mean you’re not still qualified.

Together we created a platform for people returning to talent that’s fresh, simple and has plenty of scope for further development. I created the brand and design and then developed the website into a bespoke WordPress theme. I then created a user manual on how to get started with the content management system as well.