I turn problems into useful digital products and tools.

I offer end-to-end solutions from concept to delivery

I offer interactive prototyping and design

Start with the problem

First, let me dive deep into the problem you need a solution for. Every good idea solves a problem and that’s why users will come to you for the solution.


Then we’ll look at who your audience is, what their needs are and how the product can help.


Next, let’s split the audiences onto user types for the product to specify which journey’s they’ll travel on.


Then we’ll look at the strategy, the ultimate goal and how this can be achieved.


Next, we’ll explore the product map in which our strategy will seamlessly lock into.


Then every page has its content laid out.


Interactive wireframes and prototypes are then created ready for testing.


Beautiful front end design, typography, motion and interactions complete the product.



Mark O'Donghue

CEO, Avado

Russ worked at AVADO for a couple of years, mostly on on our Google partnership Squared Online – as a graphic designer he’s a rare combination of vision and attention to detail – and his output invariably produces the response – “that just works…”.

He spent late hours beyond the call of duty on a couple of big deadline driven pieces – remaining good humoured and positive throughout.

I highly recommend Mr Hepton.

Juliette Aliban

Senior Designer, LBi

I worked with Russell during his time at LBi and it was a pleasure to meet such a positive, honest, passionate and talented person. Russell was such an enthusiastic designer, extremely keen throughout the projects he worked on. I was very impressed with his portfolio work – not to be missed!

He not only gets stuck in with design work, but is also a hugely imaginative thinker – and confident in his approach. I wish him all the best in his exciting creative career. He is a breath of fresh air and a great pleasure to work with.

The Trail Hunter

In my spare time I run a YouTube channel and website called The Trail Hunter, with a mission to explore the earth on foot while offering viewers tips and inspiration for hiking around the world.

Currently, the channel has over 13,000 subscribers and counting.




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I have a strong understanding of what’s involved in taking an idea and turning it into a tangible product.

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Ranging from startups to global enterprises, my clients push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in design, technology and engineering.