Circular - Set of supplements to the Typographic Circle's publication featuring 3 famous typographers

The brief

Create a set of supplements for the Typographic Circle's magazine, Circular featuring three typographers who are members of the circle.


Anthony Burril
Richard Morrison
Manny Ling

The letter

To really tell a story about the featured designers, I sent out handwritten letters each with a pencil. The letters asked the designers to draw a circle and send them back.

The point being that everyone is different and each sees the world differently, therefore no two circles would come back the same. However, the designers sent back the most unexpected circles.

The concept

Each designer had their own supplement and each supplement would use answers to questions in the letter, typeset in ways which illustrated the environment in which they work. For instance, Burril's were projected in a printing studio.

Morrison's were set in a theater

And Ling's were set in an art studio

And lastly, the three original circles which were sent to me which I'll treasure forever.


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