Dyson Canada - Complete rollout of Digital Leap to North America and Canada

The problem

Dyson had just rolled out their new website across Great Britain and Ireland and needed to expand to the next market, fast.

The brief

Reproduce a new website with same level of detail and creative excellence in design as the GB site for the Canadian rollout.


The solution

I and another senior designer on NPD brought together a shit hot team of junior designers fresh from Uni to join us on our quest to Canada. We had a master plan and learned a lot from the US rollout. We created assets and had pages built and signed off faster than ever before.


What did I do?

  • Hire and nurture new creative talent for the team
  • Manage the creative workflow
  • Fix problems in the rollout process
  • Unblocking pages
  • Hands-on design, brief and build
  • Final sign off before head of digital

Every detail

Each and every tiny little detail needed to be edited, all of the product specs, images, product renders, colourways, copy and features.

The Canadian site compared with the GB on the left, shows clearly the number of changes required to build Canada's product range.

Methods of madness

One of the biggest challenges was briefing the pages for all new product SKUs which were specific to that market and then ensuring all artwork and product images met the Dyson standards.

With so many variations like power sources, sockets, colours, market-specific requests, and legal obstacles it was important to stay organised. So we began using entire schematics of the entire global site, pages were marked up with changes, and my team redesigned each page, briefed in new imagery and got it built.


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