Google Squared Marketing - Website redesign and marketing collateral for a digital marketing course developed with Google

The problem

An incredible product, but no way to sell it? Squared Online needed to be put on the market so it could be shared with the world but a way to do that didn't exist yet.

The brief

Design a slick Material Design website which guides users on a journey convincing them that Squared Online is the best digital marketing course and explaining the benefits of why they should sign up.


Site map

Create attention
Create relevance

The solution

A very simple and very small website which simply said what needed to be said. It needed to create awareness around what Squared Online was, explain why the course will directly benefit the student, how it's done so for others and ultimately how to sign up and convert.

My initial sketches show a very simple modular approach to the site with stats and short copy which needed to showcase how irresistable the course is for aspiring digital marketers.

What did I do?

  • Complete end to end UX/Ui design
  • Designed all components and elements
  • Mocked up all pages on all device widths
  • Worked with developers to build and sign off
  • Created print and digital marketing collateral based on our findings and the new visual language.

Selling Squared Online

Keeping the website small and the user journey short, we were able to generate a higher conversion rate of users ordering brochures, or even signing up to the course.

Entire design end to end

A clean and responsive layout, flat colour, icons and limited imagery made the entire design process simple and easy to understand for all stakeholders.


Full size boards

Entire web pages could be presented in this way to also show branding ideas.

Responsive layout

Each page had to be responsive for mobile and also very simple to update. So we used bootstrap to build the entire site.

The brochure

Both B2B and B2C brochures needed to be designed so the marketing teams can bring them to meetings as well as sending them to prospective partners and students in the post.

Layout and colour

This was the first time Squared Online had a brochure this good to look at, so I experimented with the logo, shapes, flat colour and layout to guide the reader through all of the best bits of the course.

Course syllabus

The course syllabus was one of the most important pieces of collateral for Squared Online, it clearly states what and when students will learn.

Infographics and graphic interventions were included where necessary to communicate the ideas within the course and how it directly benefits those who graduate.


The brochure was the first of its kind for the course and ended up being the template on which we based all print and digital collateral for Squared Online from then on.

I want to buy that!

It also looked incredibly smart and definitely had a positive impact on sales of the course.


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