International Tennis Federation - Bring the ITF Tennis experience to the mobile landscape

The problem

The ITF already had a website, but it wasn't accessible on mobile devices, fans and players wanted their tennis everywhere.

The brief

Create a complete end to end solution which enables fans, players and coaches to enjoy tennis everywhere. Tell the story of the ITF and explain who they are and what they do.


Who are they?

The International Tennis Federation is the World Governing Body of the sport of Tennis. The ITF governs the rules of the game, all tennis events and grand slams and approved equipment. They also invest money into developing the game around the world giving opportunity for growth and to new players. The ITF is the hub for results, events, players and fans of tennis.

The old website

After 15 years it was finally time for an update, the biggest challenge was getting all of the content available to mobile users. Not only were there articles and videos, but also scores, results, time tables, player profiles, draw sheets and many more components which had never been scaled for mobile technology before.

The new website

Fully mobile optimised, the new website was a test of how to properly display data on mobile devices. New ways of laying out the data into new components and interactive elements made the data easier to digest. The brand can also be clearly communicated.




People who love tennis and know plenty about the sport. They want to get the latest news and results and see what's coming up.


All players from beginner to pro-level have a profile and like to see data comparing them to other players around the world. They also want to see results and information about tournaments and rules.


All information about rules, game devlopment, team coordinatio and approved equipment and surfaces needs to be available to coaches.

User types


Fans and coaches who love tennis, but not sure what the ITF is or what it can offer them.


Users may be searching for specific data or results and landed on the ITF website. They want to learn more about what the ITF offers. This may be the first time they've heard of the ITF.

New users

Those who are new to the ITF, but already know what we can offer them. They have a good idea what they can find on our website, but haven't drilled down to any specific information yet.


Users searching within the site for specific information.

Current users

Users who’ve already engaged with the ITF. They've used the site before for getting to the information they want and know the shortcuts to get there.


Users looking for additional information and want to stay up to date.


The ultimate goal

Tell users what the ITF is offering, get the user to the data they're looking for quickly and without barriers.

How we achieve it

Each level in this strategy relates to a specific need and has a purpose. This allows us to create the appropriate levels of pages with the most relevant content for each of our user types and to map out a journey towards the ultimate goal.


Initial planned pages

Wireframes were created for each page and on all device widths for sign off with stakeholders to ensure all functionality and components were included where required.


A house of brands

The ITF is the umbrella to all tennis tours: World Tennis Tour Men's, Women's and Juniors, ITF Seniors and Wheelchair Tennis and lastly Beach Tennis. All of these have their own visual language and identity to differentiate their personalities and their culture.


Player profile

Now on each player's profile it's possible to view the data for every year and. tournament. they played in. It's now possible to compare and break down the win/loss and view the player's stats over a period of time.


Mobile data sets

One of the biggest challenges was getting large data sets to respond to smaller device widths and creating the components in such a way that all of the key data was. displayed on all devices.

Head to head

Both players and tennis fans require the ability to compare two players. A side by side comparison of each player in a head to head is now available on mobile and data is updated in real time.


Head to head

Both players and tennis fans require the ability to compare two players. A side by side comparison of each player in a head to head is now available on mobile and data is updated in real time.


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