James Dyson Award - Gallery website and back end project uploading system

The problem

An unimaginative UX coupled with an old front end design made things very difficult for users to upload their projects to the awards and for users to find projects in the gallery. It was even having a negative impact on the number of people who took part in the competition.

The brief

Redesign The James Dyson Award website to improve usability and encourage users to take part while adhering to the Dyson Digital Leap UX Design Principles.


Site map

Create attention
Create relevance

The solution

A completely new user journey guided them through the process of what the JDA was, what the benefits were and how to enter. A new dashboard was created for the upload process as well as a new filter system for the project galleries. Finally, all was wrapped in a front end design consistent with dyson.co.uk while also being a separate sub-brand.

What did I do?

  • Reviewed and amended the UX
  • Worked with a UX Designer to create the wireframes
  • Redesigned all components on all widths
  • Redesigned all pages
  • Worked with developers to build and sign off

Creating a project

Full scale GUi

Using mobile-first design, I then went ahead and generated all assets in a GUI kit for the developers. All spacing, colours and interactions were presented in great detail.

Full design

The dashboard was one of the key pages in the new design both for viewing all projects and editing user profiles. It would turn out to be the hub of the entire process.

Each project would go through an entire series of stages before qualifying to be entered into the James Dyson Award. It was important to clearly illustrate these stages to the user to give peace of mind as their projects were scrutinised against the judging criteria.

Just like this example, all pages were delivered on all device widths.


The filter

Another key element to the redesign was to deliver on a new component to enable users to filter the entries. With thousands of entries in the database, it was important to be able to filter by year, subject and award won.


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