Dyson Canada

Rollout the new Dyson product website across multiple markets from the GB site base.


After redesigning The James Dyson Foundation websites, my contract was extended to lead the design team for market rollout of the new dyson.co.uk website to Canada. My role involved planning and sign off of our junior designer’s work. Nurturing the new talent in the team and ensuring a high-quality output of pages was my priority, which enabled us to make sure the vision of Dyson was threaded throughout the project.

Each market would receive a schematic of the current site which they’d request changes. My team would then redesign those pages in Photoshop and prepare for sign off. Our assets were exported and sent to the build team which we’d then thoroughly check and amend accordingly before publishing to the website.

We took what others learned from the GB rollout and fixed many issues in the process and workflow making Dyson Canada the most successful rollout in terms of design, build and testing.

I take my client’s privacy seriously and would like to protect the intellectual property of Dyson Ltd, so I’m unable to show much of our process involved and the technology we used, but please feel free to browse the website.



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