Squared Online Brochure

Design a new brochure for Squared Online suitable for markets across Europe and Asia Pacific


As well as a marketing website, Google Squared Online required a brochure for both its UK, Europe and Asia Pacific markets. The brochure needed to be available as a browser-viewable PDF or as a printed version which could be sent to consumers, or could be presented at big corporate client meetings.

With all this in mind, how can we show off our friendly personality, our professional communication style and be able to present Squared Online as the market-leading digital leadership course to many different audiences?



All you need to know

For Squared Online’s corporate clients, this particular brochure is a complete¬†overview of the course.


Looking at the marketing site we recently created, we quickly saw something growing in a visual and compelling way. Building from this, with some clever and insightful copywriting the brochure contained all of the information the prospective students and business partners needed, whilst feeling like a strong, considered and impressive piece of marketing collateral.

The brochure has been presented in many sales pitches and made many corporate customers very happy indeed. Now, Squared Online is offered to a range of large corporate clients, purchasing spaces on Squared Online cohorts as big as 50+ students, spreading the digital leadership love even further.