Google Squared Website

From a new brand to a new presence. The Squared Online marketing site boosted sales and gave the product a new home in the marketplace


At Google Squared Online, a top priority was to take a rough set of brand guidelines and introduce them to the world and really shout about the quality of the course. The entire website was based on the ethos of group work and collaboration, as well as being clean and simple to digest.

The marketing website needed to incorporate the personality of Squared Online, whilst also being the front-facing site which communicated what this market-leading digital leadership course was all about.


Web design
Content build


AVADO –  Development
Google – Direction and sign-off

From lead to sale

After the site was launched, sales boosted more than 30%, and now, Squared Online enrols over 100 students per cohort in the UK, Europe and Asia Pacific.


Starting with one simple wireframe from another stakeholder, I developed the rest of the site’s layout and navigation. We then took a fresh look at the current brand guidelines and introduced more colour and specially prepared imagery and iconography to create a bespoke and slick website which was on-brand with both Google’s and Squared Online’s guidelines.

At this point, the guidelines were very short and pretty much consisted of just a logo and a font, so for us it was a fantastic way to play around with what we had and create a new site built on fresh ideas.