James Dyson Foundation

Redesign The James Dyson Foundation and James Dyson Award websites to fit the Dyson Digital Leap UX Principles.


Dyson have gone through in incredibly huge digital transformation in 2018. With the redesign of their new product site, the Digital Leap project was underway and James Dyson’s charitable arm, The James Dyson Foundation required a complete redesign from the ground up.

The James Dyson Foundation’s mission is to inspire the next generation of engineers. They do this by offering resources to schools, teachers, parents and by funding University research and investing in University led projects. They also have another website called The James Dyson Award, where students can upload a project and enter it into a competition where contestants have the chance of winning scholarships and a top cash prize of £30,000!

The new websites needed to focus on these audiences and put their resources at the heart of the new user journey and make it easier than ever for budding inventors to get a boost in the industry. Mobile first was a must and attention to guidelines, the Dyson process and an engineering mindset were essential for the successful completion of this project.

I take my client’s privacy seriously and would like to protect the intellectual property of Dyson Ltd, so I’m unable to show much of our process involved and the technology we used, but please feel free to browse the website.


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