Noctis Magazine

A new look and feel for one of London’s best fashion, art, music and culture magazines.


Noctis is a fashion, culture, art and music magazine based around bringing hot news, tips, photography and stories from the London creative community.

All the way through to their 6th issue, Noctis had very little creative direction on how their publication should be designed. There was no system, but the content was perfect and they had a quickly growing fan base and were sure to become a popular choice for young creative minds.

My task was to completely rethink their magazine’s layout, look and feel and give the readers a more digestible experience while making the spreads crafted and considered. Important still was giving the editors and copywriters a document that was fast and simple to change and work with issue by issue.




All of the Noctis team and their contributors

Cool content

Cool content needs a bespoke design.


Using a clean layout was important to ensure that everyone could benefit from reading to editing. Also large scale images and a selection of different layout grids enabled the design to focus on the imagery, making sure that the text is unobtrusive.

All of this lined them up to sit amongst the biggest names in the industry, and moved them forward from digital to printed publications.