Park District

A new attitude for this budding, London-based production company


Some of the best projects are ones where the client is a friend. Three guys had a vision of being the most controversial and daring production company in London.

Their clients span from commercial to creative and artsy, but their personalities led their curiosity further into the film and production business which enabled us to think of a new brand, new online presence and a new attitude.


Web design
Wordpress theme development


Ben Ridolfi¬†–¬†Thumbnail illustrations

Website to collateral

Implementing the brand from print to digital touchpoints


Big, bold, loud and cool. The new brand and portfolio needed to scream and be memorable. Our creative minds were put together to create everything from their logo, all the way to the website and marketing collateral.

The photography was chosen from a selection of stills from their projects and we had some cool, creative ideas for their profile pictures throughout the site. The site and branding certainly boosted their client base, as well as put them shoulder to shoulder with some big names in the business.

Park District is one of my favourite clients, great to work with and watch them grow.