Windows Butterfly

Create a new and engaging multi-screen experience that uses Windows 10


For their 50th anniversary, D&AD wrote the best set of briefs to date, touching on a wide range of industry disciplines, from digital to advertising, as well as graphic design to spatial. This brief set by Microsoft asked participants to create a new, multi-screen experience that would engage and encourage a wider audience to use Windows 10*.

Windows Butterfly is a simple feature that can be added to Windows 10. By clicking the Butterfly icon, your device instantly transforms to meet your needs. Your documents, photos, contacts and more can now adapt to you, cutting out the clutter and giving you a more personal experience.

*This project has been updated since the D&AD student awards in 2012. The original brief was written for Windows Phone 7. I have chosen to update this project due to advances in technology and for my own professional development.

You can view the archived version here


Digital product design


Ben Darvill – 2012 concept design and development