Google Squared Brochure - The perfect piece of print for prospective digital marketing students

The brief

Create a new brochure explaining the course syllabus, modules and benefits of joining Squared Online for prospective students on this ground-breaking digital marketing and leadership course developed with Google.


Contents and accreditation

Squared Online is accredited by global brands and industry-leading experts, offering the best expertise in the business.

Course syllabus

The course consists of 5 modules, each offering further insight into the world of digital marketing and leadership. Mapping out the entire course in this way turned out to be the key to explaining what students would learn and how they would reach their goals.

What did I do?

After creating the new marketing website I then took what I learned from the branding, design system and material design guidelines to produce this brochure from concept to print in a matter of days.

This example is for the rollout of the course in Asia Pacific after we successfully won the pitch to expand the course across the globe. A pitch of which I designed a document outlining the plan for the rollout which used this layout as a template.

A nice piece of print

Even though most of the work I produce is digital design, UX/UI, I also enjoy working on print pieces which enable me to create a broad range of assets for brands and products.


More about me


Why hire me?

I have a strong understanding of what’s involved in taking an idea and turning it into a tangible product.

My clients

Ranging from startups to global enterprises, my clients push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in design, technology and engineering.