The Trail Hunter - Offering the best tips and inspiration for hiking around the world

An incredible journey

I started my YouTube channel back on 2017 and now it has over 13,000 subscribers, over 1,500,000 views and is growing fast. I've created the brand, grown my audience and built a website offering the best tips and inspiration for hiking around the world.

The creative

On this page all of the design, creative, UX/Ui, branding, video and marketing has been created, shot, edited and built by me in my spare time and is definitely my little baby. So I hope you enjoy.



My best videos

Motion graphics

My channel


Hiking novices

Gear nuts

Long distance hikers and experts

User types


New users

Current users and followers


The ultimate goal

Educate users about The Trail Hunter, what it is and it's offering. Get them excited about hiking, world travel and exploring on foot and direct them to the best gear on the market to help them connect with the natural world.

Using this strategy across every page and every section of each page it's possible to create a consistent UX which serves the user at each stage of the journey.

Site map

Create attention
Create relevance


Every bit of content

These schematics take on the strategy and deliver the most relevant content to the user at the right time and place.


The logo

I'm actually still thinking hard about the logo. To me, the channel's personality is only just coming through and I don't know if the brand has even baked yet. This logo is just a well-typeset placeholder until I feel confident in a new design.

The icon

The favourites icon for the website. Quick and simple iteration of the logotype.

Text and image

I want the visual language to be bold, but understated. Not shouty, but natural and wonderful. The text is punchy, but the imagery tells a story and gets us thinking about the great outdoors.

Fully responsive Ui kit

Once I had a site map nailed and all the pages were ready in a schematic format I then decided to dive straight into the design phase and put together the Ui kit.

What's this for?

  • Elements
  • Colours
  • Typography
  • Type setting
  • Component redesign within the WordPress theme
  • Layout
  • Global elements


Adventure cards

Take The Trail Hunter out in the field

I also made some cool little print pieces for users to download and take with them on the hike.



More about me


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I have a strong understanding of what’s involved in taking an idea and turning it into a tangible product.

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Ranging from startups to global enterprises, my clients push the boundaries of innovation and excellence in design, technology and engineering.