Ü - Find people nearby who want to learn your language

The problem

Many apps exist which teach us languages in a generic way, but none that teach us how to truly speak a language natively. The only way to truly learn a language is to emerse ouselves in the culture and be taught by native speakers of the language we wish to learn.

The solution

An app that enables users to connect with others who want to learn their language.




Curious knowledge-thirsty
long-term travellers

Adults of any age exploring the world with no agenda, but care deeply about culture and how being able to speak languages is beneficial to their relationships and their travel experiences.

Sociable open-minded
international students

Young adults who are either about to or are already studying abroad and want to buddy up with native speakers of the country they're in. They want to make new friends and fully emerse themselves into the culture.

Career-focused professional expatriates

Adults of any age who are about to, or already do live and work in a foreign country and want to meet new native speakers and learn a language quickly. They are time-obsessed but understand the importance of being able to speak the native language.

User types


They're aware that language apps are powerful tools and have maybe used a few, but always feel that the way they teach languages is too generic. Instead, they see face to face as a more comprehensive way to truly learn a new language.


Users want to learn more about how Ü can teach a language, they may have heard of Ü through word of mouth or a digital marketing campaign.


Effectiveness, USP, ease of use and price.

New users

Those who are new Ü but understand its offering. They want to get started by meeting new people and sharing and testing their language knowledge.


Users who are just beginning their Ü journey. They may not want to meet up yet and want to only interact digitally.


Language barriers, tools and how to use.

Current users

Users who’ve been engaging regularly with Ü for over a week, they've gained a social circle and are learning a new language through their friends.


They want to continue on their quest to master a new language, they may require further support and want to discover new ways to interact with their friends.


Progress, maintaining friendships and staying interested.

Inital ideas

Ü used to be called Lingua. The idea was similar, but with more emphasis on a coffee shop vibe and that the voice recording capability would be used to score your skills was the main feature of the app.

Over time, I've grown as a designer, acquired more skills in UX/UI and have remade this project a number of times to illustrate what I've learned.

Logo development

Now the logo features the letter U with an umlaut which symbolises languages. It also features two people connecting as well as looking like a smile.

Icon set

Something clean and simple, all the icons were created in Sketch, but I separated them out of the symbols page into Illustrator, so take a look by downloading the Ai file and feel free to use them in your project if you like.


User flow

Now we've defined the audience and user types, it's time to fulfil the needs of each of the users. This rough user flow answers the need to connect with others who want to learn their language nearby and communicate in-app.


Login prototype

Now let's move this into InVision with Sketch and see how the prototype works.


Getting onboard

To begin, users are taken through the most important stage in the journey where they choose the language they wish to learn. Users can select more languages later, but for new users, they're asked at this stage to begin connecting with others who want to learn their language.



Set your skill

Now for the most intuitive feature of the app. If the user has some experience speaking a language, Ü asks users to say a word of the language they wish to learn. It then calculates how well they can speak in the language to initiate the intelligent pairing algorithm.


Profile and contacts

Once setup is complete, users are taken to the profile and feed where they can begin connecting with users nearby and begin learning. I originally saw this being like a map with user locations plotted but felt this was a little intrusive so stuck to a more modest list with detailed information.


Create a flash card

How Ü works best is by enabling users to challenge each other by sending interactive and personalised challenges such as flash cards, fill in the blanks, or quick battles.

For this example I used flash cards where users can take photos of things and create a flash card. This is beneficial because each user will understand one another and know what they're learning on a daily basis and also get to know each other as friends, initiating a culture shift within them and learn not just their languages, but about where they're from.


And the flash card is ready to share

Now the flash card is ready, it can be sent to multiple contacts, or be saved for another time. When on a user's profile, a new or drafted challenge can be sent straight to them too.


Fully prototyped in Sketch

Ü has been designed completely in Sketch so feel free to download it or preview in InVision as an interactive prototype.




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