Windows Butterfly - A one-click solution to your ever-evolving digital life

The problem

With so much of our lives now on our devices, online and uploaded to the cloud, it's difficult to keep track of it all and stay connected to the things that matter, when they matter. We need a way to access our digital lives in the right place, at the right time.

The solution

Windows Butterfly understands your digital needs and evolves your experience to adapt to your life. With one click you can filter content, contacts, apps, documents and user interface layout based on your location, time of day and habits.



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The Butterfly

Icon ideas

Microsoft already has a well established visual mark which was updated back in 2012, so it was important to incorporate the visual system of this into the icon.

Icon placement

On each device type, the icon had to sit comfortably into the Ui without intruding on other elements.

The grid

Using the new Microsoft logo as the foundation of the grid, I could then begin to embed shapes within the gap of the squares to create the butterfly icon. A heavier weight was attempted to make sure the icon was visible on a smaller scale, but after testing on a device, I proved this wasn't needed so the same grid as the logo was used.

The final icon

A little tidy up and adjustment to the grid and a polished icon is ready to drive the idea forward into a real example.

How does it work?

Desktop UI

A simple placement into the middle of the taskbar on Windows 10 makes it easy to access the power of Windows Butterfly from anywhere in the user's workflow. It could almost work as a plugin for the entire system.

Feeling the problem

As our digital lives grow and progress, the environment can become cluttered, disconnecting us from what matters, when it matters.

A new way to learn

Arrive at University and Windows Butterfly instantly removes the clutter, switching this design student's digital world over to show only what matters.

All their apps, documents and user interface layout has been tailored for their day in the studio.

The digital family

When at home, this mother's Windows is transformed into a clear overview of her family's day. She can easily contact her children, update the calendar and see updates all on the start screen.

Perfect for professionals

Windows Butterfly is perfect for the work environment, getting rid of everything else so you can focus on any task throughout your day.

For this doctor, all of the right tools and apps are immediately available for keeping track of patients, tasks colleagues, reports and for running diagnostics.

Windows when it matters

By thinking of our digital life in this way, we can create an adaptive experience which matches our lifestyles, creating a much more personal experience.


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